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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 8

Who is going to decide, you or the state? Who should make the choice?

  • The true question is: should homicidal abortion (the killing of a preborn human being by another human being, or, abortion having the nature of, characterized by, or pertaining to homicide) be a legal choice at all? If the issue were slavery, murder, robbery or rape, such questions would not even be considered. As an example, slave masters were “pro-choice” in regards to slavery. They thought the choice of whether or not to own a slave belonged to them, not the government.
  • The “choice” has to be defined. Thus, for the question “Who should make the choice to kill preborn babies?” the answer is “Nobody.”
  • In regard to innocent human life, who should decide in matters of life and death? Certainly not man. The answer is God, Providence, Nature, etc. In other words, the death of the innocent should always be the result of “natural causes,” not direct human intervention of destructive intent. Intervention should only have the intent of healing or saving innocent human life.
  • Choice is important to us all, but we should not endorse choices which drastically and unjustly limit the choices of other human beings. The most drastic way to deny choice to a person is to take his or her very life.