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Abortion: How Much Do You Know? (Question 8)

What is post abortion syndrome?

Post abortion syndrome is a profound array of psychological and emotional disturbances that occur to a woman following an abortion.

Some symptoms of post-abortion syndrome/trauma are:

bouts of crying
inability to forgive oneself
intense grief/sadness
emotional numbness
sexual problems or promiscuity
eating disorders
lowered self esteem
drug and alcohol abuse
nightmares and sleep disturbances
suicidal urges
difficulty with relationships
anxiety and panic attacks

A survey of post-abortive women found that:

  • 31 percent experienced suicidal feelings;
  • 28 percent attempted suicide;
  • 60 percent commented that the decision to abort made their lives worse;
  • 94 percent regretted the decision to abort.

If you’d like to learn more about post-abortion syndrome, see Rachel’s Vineyard

If you are hurting after an abortion, call 877-HOPE-4-ME