Your Cheatin’ Heart

No I am not a country singer, but the words to that once famous ballad echo in my mind as the news sinks into my head. It is hard to believe that Plan B is now an "over the counter" drug like Bayer baby aspirin. But it's true and it makes me blue.

What in the world is wrong with the Congress, described by some as pro-life and the president, described by the same people as pro-life. If they actually were, why in the world would they permit a new weapon of mass destruction to be available in the pharmacies of our nation?

The words to "Your Cheatin' Heart" include the following:

The time will come when you'll be blue —
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you.


And the time will come when the babies who died because of Plan B and other such deadly chemicals will confront those who faciliate such dreadful decisions, or sit back and permit them to occur with nary a word but only a wink. When that time comes, I think some people will be suffering a bit more than simply feeling blue.

No matter the rhetoric, the excuses or the arguments that "we really don't know whether or not such pills abort," God does know; He read the heart of every man, and He is just.