“You may wake up with your baby removed, but your motherhood cannot be removed.”

– Granddaughters of Pro-Life Leader, Judie Brown, write open letter response to Jenny Kutner, Salon author of “I’m Having an Abortion this Weekend.”

Dear Jenny,

After reading your Salon article entitled “I’m Having an Abortion this Weekend,” it seems to the reader that you and your boyfriend are very close.

We’re sure you will say that you absolutely and completely love your boyfriend. But do you put his needs before your own? Do you constantly strive for a stronger relationship? Are you willing to make sacrifices for his well-being?

If you answered yes to more than one question above, then you have an idea of selfless love.

Selfless love is the most powerful type of love because it involves sacrifice. Selfless love puts the needs of the ones you love before your own. It is going the extra mile to ensure the happiness of your loved ones.

Selfless love is never easy and it takes patience and fortitude. It is not only found between couples, but is the base of all strong relationships (i.e., marriage, friendship, siblings, and maternal).

Maternal selfless love may be the most powerful of all relationships. Just like the love you show to your boyfriend, a mother shows the same selfless love to her child. She will always absolutely and completely love her child. She will put his/her needs before her own. She will constantly strive for a stronger relationship. She will continuously make sacrifices for his/her well-being.

Even though Saturday has passed and you chose abortion, that does not change the fact that you are a mother. You may wake up with your baby removed, but your motherhood cannot be removed.

We understand completely that unexpected pregnancy can be a terrifying thing. Maybe the timing was not right, maybe there were financial concerns, or maybe you were just scared. Those are all rational fears, but as you know, abortion is not the only option. Change is never easy, but that is what selfless love is all about.

In a time of change, one can become overwhelmed with his or her own future. Many times we look for what is best for “me.” The trick is to not be selfish, but selfless.

Even though you did not show selfless love by choosing life for your little baby, it’s never too late to learn. We promise there are many people out there, including ourselves, who are willing to help you heal from your abortion and understand the true meaning of selfless love.

Yours in Christ,

Emily Brown
Mount Saint Mary’s University ’15

Katie Brown
Belmont Abbey College ‘18


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