Yes, It Really Does Stink!

Abortionist George Tiller is in the news, and it appears he is also making the news. When Tiller spoke to the Feminist Majority Foundation’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference, he pointed out that not only does he do late term abortions, but told his audience that he will abort up to the day that is the child’s mother’s scheduled due date. Students for Life of America caught his admissions, and his grotesque fascination with his trade, on video tape. The woman who introduced Tiller to the audience applauded Tiller as someone dedicated to saving the lives and health of women! She identifies Tiller as a hero and calls upon attendees to stand by him and work in support of his needs. You see, Tiller is facing 19 criminal charges at the moment.

Tiller aborts children, specializing in late term abortion. He is one of the most outspoken advocates of late term procedures including the infamous D and X, more commonly known as "partial birth abortion."

Of course, he only performs such abortions he when the "life of the mother" is at risk, or so he claims.  At any rate, he has evaded spending time in prison, at least up to now. But nobody knows what will happen when the charges against him are finally heard in a court of law.

What is most appalling about Dr. Tiller is that he is dedicated to child killing and sees it as a work of mercy, not a criminal act of killing. One has to wonder at his logic, because on one hand he kills preborn children who he claims could not live anyway, and on the other he arranges counseling sessions for the mothers whose babies he is going to kill or has already killed. Oh yes, on his website you will find a “chaplaincy” program as well as detailed information on his "services."

In spite of all this, heroic pro-life Americans have stood outside this place where death is the business of the day and they have quietly worked to save babies and their mothers. Mark S. Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life tells us that ever since Mother’s Day 2004 there have been pro-life witnesses in front of that abortion facility, day in and day out, whenever it is open for business. He told me in an email that this means that they have prayed there for 1,408 days, and during that time 321 babies have been saved.

So you can imagine my surprise when Mark also told me that a stink bomb had been tossed at the pro-lifers by Tiller’s personal body guard. And as if that isn’t enough, Tiller is claiming innocence through his defense attorneys! I guess when someone is busy taking innocent human lives for a living, we can expect anything of them, including the random toss of a stink bomb. I am happy to report that on March 20th the case will be heard in small claims court.  We are pulling for the pro-lifers and hoping that the "doctor" and his henchmen are found guilty.

If you want to read all about the incident, including the various affidavits that Mark and his collaborators have filed, I recommend a visit to their website.

In view of the stench created by the dead bodies of the children Tiller has willingly killed over the years, perhaps a stink bomb is appropriate. It could just be that after 1,408 days of prayer and public witness the pro-lifers are getting to this man!  Who knows?

Our prayers of gratitude go out to the heroic pro-lifers of the Kansas Coalition for Life! Praise God for their valor.