Wild, whacky and weird

A days-old preborn child is not a person according to the Arizona court of appeals. When a Phoenix couple tried to sue Mayo Clinic, alleging that the clinic had either lost or destroyed their embryonic children, the court declined to honor the couple's wrongful death claim, ruling that Arizona state law does not recognize embryos outside the womb as persons. That in itself is wild — wildly inane.

The court then went on to expose its own ignorance by stating that the embryonic children were "pre-embryos," which is nothing more than a fake scientific term invented by whacky theologians like Richard McCormick, SJ.

The clinic, of course, told the media that the court's decision was "reasonable." So much for scientific integrity. The really weird part of this news report is, of course, that it pinpoints the failure of the pro-life movement to unify behind the goal of personhood from the moment of inception. Have we all decided to do that years ago, such ridiculous Court claims would never have become part of the cultural landscape.

Beam me up, Scotty! This is getting too terrible.