Wicked Words

In Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin and its allies are moving forward with the establishment of an abortion facility where second trimester abortions will occur. Pro-Life Wisconsin has chosen to take action, even though their well-reasoned protests and presentations regarding the opening of this facility failed to move any hearts prior to the final decision by the board of the UW Hospital and Clinics Authority Board.

Pro-Life Wisconsin plans to begin protests and vigils outside this medical facility immediately and is asking you to voice your disgust to the persons listed below, for this barbaric plan to dismember and kill preborn children at the Madison Surgery Center.

  • Jim Woodward, President and CEO, Meriter Hospital, (608) 417-6000,
  • Donna Katen-Bahensky, President and CEO, UW Hospital and Clinics: (608) 263-6400,
  • Jeffrey Grossman, MD, President and CEO, UW Medical Foundation, (608) 263-7013,

Let them know that this action is a blight on the good reputation of the University of Wisconsin, and that the nation will now identify the school with the bloody practice of abortion and infanticide.

If you are a donor or alumnus of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, or have any connection to the university, please inform them that you will not support them financially.

If you live outside of Wisconsin, please inform these people that this plan is causing disgust and drawing condemnation nationwide and urge them to reverse their decision.

In the aftermath of this tragic decision, the Madison Surgery Center is providing those who ask questions about their abortion business with what they call a "fact sheet." We found it so disturbing that we thought we would share it with you because it provides an opportunity to read, with one's own eyes, the deceptive rhetoric of those who make their living killing innocent children prior to birth.

The following excerpts from the fact sheet may force you to refrain from dining for some time, but you can offer up the sacrifice for the children who will die in this facility today.

The first fact reads as follows:

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is an intensely personal one, permitted by the laws of Wisconsin and the United States government.

I hasten to point out to you that the decision by a mother to terminate the life of an innocent human being, who happens to be her preborn child, never takes into account the fact that one of the two individuals involved in this situation will never be asked for his intensely personal perspective. The "intensely personal" viewpoint regarding the gruesome act is hardly what it might appear at first glance. But note if you will, that the killings do have the sanction of officialdom, even though according to moral standards, the act is despicable.

If you think we live in a civilized society, please think about this for a moment.

The debate over whether second-trimester terminations are right or wrong is a societal discussion. The joint partners in Madison Surgery Center believe it is their responsibility to provide a full continuum of care in all medical areas – including the full range of legal services associated with women's health, family planning and reproductive health care.

To admit in black and white that aborting a child "is a societal discussion" belies the reality of what pro-life Americans have been battling for more than 30 years now. All of a sudden, the fate of an innocent child has become nothing more than a debate point.

The equation of aborting a child with healthcare is certainly not something new to the argument. Though every time I read those words, I am reminded that what was once a proud profession has become laced with the bitter truth that man has replaced the sound laws of God with personal opinions and moral relativism of a type that renders far too many people dead.

This is not a new service for the Madison area, nor are increases in the number of second trimester terminations anticipated. What has changed is the location. These procedures have been available in Madison for many years by Dr. Dennis Christensen, who retired in December. The decision to continue offering these procedures at Madison Surgery Center assures continuity of access to this service in a patient-oriented environment.

Need I say anything at all about this point when one considers the absurdity of what the surgery center is telling the reader? When thinking people can define murder as a "service," what can one honestly say in response? Are there words fit to describe the horror of what has become nothing more than a mundane practice?

No state funding will be used to compensate physicians for performing second trimester terminations. Payment is solely through private, third-party coverage or self-pay. The malpractice insurance of those physicians is through private, third-party coverage only, not via public funding.

It's all about the money, and God forbid that taxpayer dollars be used, at least not that we know of, or that anyone is willing to admit. I fear the time for that is upon us, however. Remember, we do live in an Obama-nation.

Second trimester terminations account for approximately 10 percent of all pregnancy terminations. Approximately 120-130 have been performed annually in Madison.

This statement reminds me of the argument I once heard from one of my fellow pro-lifers, which went like this: "Well, if we pass this bill, 98% of abortions will be stopped." My response was, "Yes but aren't you at the same time condoning the direct murder of the remaining two percent, each of whom is actually a human being whose life you are willing to sacrifice?" He looked at me at this point, shrugged his shoulders, and remarked, "It's politically possible. We are compelled to do it."

Now here is this argument, which is actually not much different. What the Surgery Center is telling the reader is that their actions only result in the deaths of a mere 120-130 children per year. "Don't worry, be happy."
The following points are so business-like and callous that I need not comment. You can pretty much think about the bodies they are talking about without my insights.

No physicians, residents, students or staff will be required to participate in any aspect of this procedure if it is against their personal beliefs. Participation is strictly voluntary.

There is no research of any sort associated with these procedures. Tissue from the procedures will be collected and disposed of in the same manner as tissues from other surgical procedures performed at Madison Surgery Center.

There is no financial incentive for the MSC to perform second trimester terminations. These procedures are offered to ensure that the Madison-area community has safe access to a legal medical procedure.

Any patient requesting second trimester pregnancy termination health services must offer full consent, agree to a 24-hour waiting period, and will receive counseling services that offer alternatives to the procedure.

My fellow human beings with consciences, this is a perfect example of the condition in which our entire nation exists at the moment. The entire consideration of what an abortion does to a child, and who will die, has been removed from the equation and we are left with one thing only: "It's legal, it must be acceptable."

Don't ever stop working to end the madness. Regardless of the wicked words used, the result cannot be denied. We are living in a hedonistic nation where even the language of death has become acceptable in polite society. Can the gas chambers be far off?