Why Does Pro Life Movement Exist?

In a rather interesting comment to the press, Americans United for Life President Clark Forsythe said, "Pro-life forces exist to change the law to protect human life state by state." He went on to comment that the "issue" should be returned to the people.

Mr. Forsythe does not speak for the entire movement. Many of us are working to see personhood restored to each and every innocent preborn child from conception, and we want that done by way of a law signed by the president or an amendment to the Constitution. 


Many of us do not believe that murder is a political issue to be decided state by state. We do not believe that "the people" should be asked to establish the conditions under which it is acceptable to kill. Nor do we believe the people should be voting on whether or not they want to sanction the killing in their specific state. How ludicrous!

The problem with many in the pro-life movement is they don't get it … the principle has evaded them and they are placating themselves with recommended strategies that will prolong this struggle rather than end it. Let's get back to basics and press for total protection, not state regulation of the killing.