Whose Civil Liberties?

The New York Civil Liberties Union, representing Planned Parenthood, is alleging that three pharmacists in the state refused to honor refills for the morning after pill because they "they objected to the idea that a woman might need emergency contraception more than once." Further, the NYCLU alleges that the 3 pharmacists "subjected women to sex discrimination and potential unwanted pragnancies."

In the intervening time, two of those pharmacists have left their positions and the third is on leave. No matter; the suit will continue!

If this sounds ridiculous to you too, join the club. 

First of all, pharmacists are not all devotees of deceiving women. Second, some pharmacists still have a clear conscience and do not want to cooperate in possibly aborting a preborn child, which is what so-called emergency contraception can do.

The NYCLU claims that pharmacists "should be guided by sound medicine, not moralistic judgments."

That is precisely why the NYCLU should be applauding these pharmacists. In each case the pharmacist is aware that the pill can kill, and killing is not sound medicine. Second, if there are moral absolutes, then these pharmacists are doing precisely the right thing by refusing to cooperate in abortion.

Finally and again, preborn children are denied their civil liberties because they are not considered human beings.