Whom to Vote for in the Primary and General Elections

Whom to Vote for in the Primary and General Elections

With the November general election fast approaching, it is important to remember our obligation to vote for candidates who do not openly support evil policies. American Life League’s voter guide will help you resist pressure to compromise fundamental moral principles in favor of expediency or perceived short-term political gain, and will also help you avoid being deceived by propaganda. This guide is tailored to Catholics, but is suitable for any voter, since it is firmly rooted in biblical principles.

ALL identifies four non-negotiables. These actions are so intrinsically evil that no Catholic can knowingly advocate for or promote them without imperiling his salvation:

• Abortion

• Euthanasia

• Human embryonic stem cell research

• Human cloning

You must review each candidate’s own platform with these four non-negotiables in mind, rather than make assumptions based on their party affiliation.

If a candidate does not agree with the Church’s opposition to abortion, euthanasia, human embryonic stem cell research, and human cloning, he should not receive your vote.