Who Will Answer For This?

Every once in a while I receive a post on my EWTN Forum that breaks my heart. Recently a mother wrote such a message:


My daughter was on birth control pills and only occasionally smoked (less than a pack a week). We lost her three years ago at the age of nineteen. The doctors said that the combination of pills and cigarettes is what caused a blood clot in her leg that broke off and went to her heart. The thing with her was that she wasn't even sexually active. She was on it due to irregular periods. Blood clots kill more women than breast cancer.


Every time I read one of these messages I have to ask myself how accountable others will be for their consistent denial of truth. Doctors know how dangerous the birth control pill is; they simply view their female patients as human guinea pigs. 

I know that God will deal with all those who have deceived women; but I grieve for the innocent lives lost simply and only because deceit has become the currency of obstetric medical practice in far too many cases.