Who Loves Baby-Killing and Christmas Too? Meet Pro-abort Catholic Frances Kissling

Ms. Frances Kissling might just have flipped her lid! After all those years of embracing the murder of preborn babies and defying Catholic doctrine while claiming she is a devoted Catholic, her radical posturing may have finally resulted in a perverted condition from which she may never recover. We hope and pray that this is not the case, but encourage you to think this over yourself.

In case you have not heard of it, a British ad agency developed a message celebrating the birth of Christ. It has become so popular it has spread across the world. The ad states, “He’s on His way: Christmas starts with Christ.” Francis Goodwin, chairman of ChurchAds.net, where the ad originated, told CNS News, “We are obviously aware that others might seek to hi-jack the image for their own purposes, but those purposes are not ours. Our objectives are clear and simple and follow on from a 19-year track record of producing Christian advertising.”
Enter Frances Kissling, whose guest editorial explains how much she loves Christmas and all that goes with it—including the celebratory Macy’s department store windows. When talking about all that she loves, the warm and fuzzy picture she paints makes the reader think there’s nothing better in the world than Christmas.
But then Frances takes a turn, as most grinches do. She congratulates ChurchAds.net for devising such a remarkable message, but then opines, “Some silly people who are obsessed with abortion tried to spoil a good thing.”
Kissling defines Pro-Life Wisconsin, the first American pro-life organization to actually publicize the image as part of a billboard campaign in La Crosse, as one of the “grinches who stole Christmas.”  And here I thought the Grinch was an evil cartoon character, not a figure who works night and day to protect and defend the humanity of the most vulnerable in our midst. Shame on me!
Regardless of whose grinch image you approve, the fact is that if the “He’s on His way: Christmas starts with Christ” image had not spread like wildfire, Kissling would probably be roasting marshmallows on an open fire right now. But instead she set her Christmas celebrations aside to attack pro-life organizations.
Not only that, but poor Frances bemoans the fact that Christmas is a tough time for “supporters of abortion rights” who, she claims, have just as much excitement over the birth of Christ as anyone else. She further expounds on her Christmas perspective, telling Post readers, “Mary and Joseph, certainly a nontraditional family and their precious baby boy are a perfect symbol for the complex modern world in which we live.”  
Oh, come on!
Here is a woman who spends her time advocating the direct killing of baby boys and girls 365 days a year. The only reason she is verbally assaulting pro-lifers is because she knows the truth.
Unlike supporters of abortion rights, Kissling knows that pro-life Americans are people who give human meaning to Christmas 365 days a year by bringing joy, not death, to those they serve.
Kissling can work as hard as she wants at co-opting the meaning of Christmas—the celebration of the birth of the King of Heaven and earth—but she will never succeed. 
What is really most disturbing about this is that, when I think of Kissling’s twisted perspective, I recall LifeSiteNews reporter Matthew Hoffman’s words, “A psychopath is someone who is fundamentally lacking in human empathy, who sees other human beings as mere objects of manipulation. … The psychopath has a fundamentally egoistic, selfish personality, unable to transcend his own personal sense of self to recognize the dignity of others.”
It is clear to me that no one can genuinely love Christmas and, at the same time, advocate aborting children. Such ideas are absurd. As Christmas approaches, take a few extra minutes to think and pray about this, and then take action. Below are some things you can do for others. Remember, even the Grinch finally realized the true meaning of Christmas and his heart grew three sizes when he finally understood. We pray that others will ultimately have this understanding as well.  
Please pray for Frances Kissling and all those who disregard the dignity of the human person. 
Give a copy of the ad image to your pastor, friends and others who will promote it and honor Christ.
Write a letter to your local newspaper commemorating the real meaning of Christmas and inviting others to do the same by unselfishly affirming human rights for all persons born and preborn 365 days a year.