Who is Harriet Miers?

We have seen articles exposing Miers as someone "conservative" and as someone "liberal." We have been told that she will uphold Roe v. Wade; we have been told that she will not uphold Roe v. Wade. And we have learned that Miers supported the development of the Louise B. Raggio (?52) Endowed Lecture in Women?s Studies, honoring the pioneering SMU graduate who led legal reform expanding the rights of women in Texas."

Raggio, by the way, "had a complicated third pregnancy. In fact, she had been cautioned that another pregnancy could put her and the child at grave risk because she was Rh negative and both her previous children were positive. She was offered a therapeutic abortion, but chose against it. That experience taught her to be an adamant freedom-of-choice advocate: 'Until you go through the mental trauma of making a decision like that, you have no idea how serious and wrenching it is. The issue of pregnancy termination is almost never a clear black-and-white decision; almost never do women easily choose abortion; almost always there are serious consequences for either choice. I have no right to make that choice for anyone except myself and nobody else has the right, certainly no man and no woman unless she has walked in the same shoes, to offer their unsolicited opinion to anyone else.'?

So, again – who is Harriet Miers?

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