Where’s Wyatt Earp when you need him?

In Maricopa County Arizona the sheriff denied a female inmate the abortion she desired. His position is, though flawed, that "you lose a lot of rights when you're in jail, whether it's trying to get an abortion or watching R-rated movies."

Such inane statements would be funny if they weren't so tragic. Rather than acting like Marshal Wyatt Earp, who spent a lifetime protecting the innocent citizens in his care, this sheriff's attempt to be cute backfired.

A judge ruled that the sheriff acted in error and said that no government official can place a "substantial obstacle" in the path of a woman seeking to abort, even if she is in jail!

Maybe if Sheriff Joe Arpaio had noted the fact that the inmate is actually a mother seeking to kill her baby, he might have helped her see why her "choice" was wrong. We will never know.

See: Judge: Maricopa sheriff cannot deny abortions.