When Sexual Abuse Is Another Reproductive Right

Planned Parenthood is at it again, folks, but this time they are in for a whole bushel of trouble. The heroine in our story is a vibrant young woman named Lila Rose, who has taken it upon herself to expose the evils of Planned Parenthood – evils that that many may find more than disturbing, given the fact that PP characterizes itself as "a trusted health care provider.” Lila Rose took a small video camera into two separate Planned Parenthood facilities in Indiana, one in Indianapolis and the other, in Bloomington. She has experience with this sort of thing, for she is the very same UCLA student who exposed the misdeeds of a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood and was subsequently threatened with a lawsuit for her heroism. Michelle Malkin reported on Rose at the time,

Rose recently went undercover at a local campus Planned Parenthood clinic, posing as a 15-year-old minor seeking an abortion after being impregnated by a 23-year-old man. California’s mandatory reporting laws require abortion providers to report statutory rape involving girls under the age of 16. Rose secretly captured video of her visit.

Jill Stanek did as well:

She has also infiltrated two UCLA student health clinics and published two incredible underground newsletters exposing workers who lied about pregnancy, encouraged abortions, and suggested how to circumvent the law. Lila also named their school administrator enablers.

Both of these excellent commentators have kept tabs on Lila, and now it appears that the chickens could be coming home to roost at Planned Parenthood.

Just this past Saturday, American Life League Vice President Jim Sedlak flew to Indiana to participate in a press conference hosted by Right to Life of Indianapolis, 40 Days for Life-Indianapolis and Voice of the Innocents. He spoke about the travesty of Planned Parenthood’s ongoing ability to claim complete deniability as it counsels minors to keep quiet about the older men who have sexually assaulted them, while simultaneously claiming to have sincere concern for women and families. He said,

We have much reason to believe that the children of Indiana are in grave danger thanks to the money-making agenda of Planned Parenthood. It is more financially advantageous for Planned Parenthood to foster a culture of child endangerment and rape – therefore, they are more than willing to hand these kids back over to their tormentors. We look to Attorney General Carter to enforce the law that protects against this gross abuse and safeguards the innocent children of this state.

During the same press conference, Marc Tuttle, president of Right to Life of Indianapolis, said,

While Planned Parenthood claims to be in the business of promoting health, their own counselors appear to thumb their noses at child abuse reporting laws and parental notification laws. Far from advocating the "health" of young women, Planned Parenthood is profiting by covering up their abuse. We are requesting [A]ttorney [G]eneral Carter [to] investigate Planned Parenthood and act to protect our state’s young women.

Only three days later, on Monday, December 15, Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter announced that his office will investigate Planned Parenthood, due to the allegations that have been made and the videos that are now part of the public record, thanks to Lila Rose and her collaborators.

And in breaking news from yesterday, December 16, Lila's organization, Live Action Films, just released another video – this time, from an Indianapolis, Indiana Planned Parenthood facility, which documents a Planned Parenthood employee counseling the young woman, "The surrounding states don't have parental consent. I can't tell you any more. So think about the states that are surrounding Indiana and do some research."

Furthermore, the Planned Parenthood staffer tells the 13-year-old girl, "We don't really care about who – what the age of the boyfriend.  It's consensual.  It's your choice." And it doesn’t even change when Rose reveals the age of her boyfriend to be 31 years of age! Here is a clear case of statutory rape, and Planned Parenthood doing nothing about it.

And that's not all. Students for Life of America recently released a video documenting a Charlotte, North Carolina Planned Parenthood facility covering up the statutory rape of a young girl who presented herself as a 15-year-old, by a 30-something man.

Earlier this year, the Alliance Defense Fund filed a friend of the court brief at the Ohio Supreme Court, after Planned Parenthood had been accused of systematically concealing cases of statutory rape and sexual abuse.

In an excellent legal analysis prepared last year, attorney Andrew Flusche revealed that the same pattern has emerged in other states. 

Numerous cases suggest that Planned Parenthood does not properly report statutory rape. Under state laws, workers at Planned Parenthood clinics are mandatory reporters. It must report child abuse to the authorities. In every state, a child under 14 years of age cannot consent to sexual activity. If Planned Parenthood knows that a young child is sexually active with an older partner, it must report this activity. However, it doesn’t always do so.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate even bragged about one egregious case on its web site. It displayed a letter from a girl praising the clinic for keeping her rape secret. But the girl was 11 years old at the time of her rape by her 17-year-old boyfriend. After American Life League uncovered this story, Planned Parenthood promptly removed the letter, but did not even claim to have reported the rape to authorities.

Another alarming report came out of Waco, Texas. Planned Parenthood of Waco claims that it reports 98 statutory rape cases per year. However, Waco researchers dug into all official records and only found 7.3 reports per year. Planned Parenthood never explained the absence of each year’s 91 missing reports. Why isn’t it held accountable?

Flusche puts his finger on the real question, which appears to have no answer. This situation in Indiana is nothing new for Planned Parenthood, yet time and time again, the organization seems to escape the full force of criminal judgment against it. The truth is that, from all accounts, it seems that the American system of jurisprudence only works in the area of reproductive health when it accommodates the agenda of organizations like Planned Parenthood. So let’s not break out the champagne just yet.

Is there a sacred cow mooing in the background, orchestrating its own set of criminal laws or lack thereof in order to amply provide for full coffers, more dead bodies of preborn children and increasing victimization of the young? As Stop Planned Parenthood International has pointed out,  "Planned Parenthood sells sex, but merely as bait to steal souls – your children's souls."

This is the most urgent reason why not a day should go by without each of us raising our voices against this foul foe.