When killing is your business

It has been nearly twenty years since the first warnings came out regarding the safety of the abortion drug RU-486. Currently the pill regimen (consisting of two different drugs) is described as medical abortion, and the official name of the pill in question is mifepristone, or Mifeprex. But the warnings regarding the pills’ safety are finally coming home to roost … within the abortion community, of all places.

It seems that an abortion advocate, Dr. Warren Hern, who rarely criticizes abortion, tells the media that “surgery should be the procedure of choice.” Hern is concerned that medical abortions are far riskier than surgical ones; of course he makes a living surgically aborting children.

Abortionist Damon Stutes, who refuses to offer medical abortions, says, “The complications associated with RU-486 far exceed the complications of surgical abortion.”

But all the while, Planned Parenthood types insist that any abortion is a safe abortion. So what is one to make of this discussion of abortion safety? Could it be that a crack in the dam has finally occurred?

It seems to me that only because women (read: paying customers) have died have these people taken time out of their otherwise lucrative abortion trade to make comments about possible problems. Not a one has ever admitted that safety for the baby is simply not a question because regardless of how you kill it, the preborn child is always a victim. But when the clientele who PAY for those killings begin to get squeamish because some women have died … then you see apologetics and explanations galore.

Strange the way that works when killing is your business.