When it comes to defending the faith, there’s no Plan B

“As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops gathers this week for its semi-annual meeting, we hope the bishops will give serious attention to the crisis our Catholic hospitals are facing,” said American Life League president Judie Brown. “That’s why we took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times and other publications, asking the bishops to oppose laws that require Catholic facilities of any kind to violate Church teaching.”

Passage of Connecticut legislation demanding that Catholic hospitals act contrary to church teachings is only the latest in a series of attacks by abortion proponents on Catholic healthcare institutions’ constitutionally protected freedom of religion. The law that went into effect October 1 forces Catholic hospitals to provide the abortive drug, Plan B, to victims of sexual assault. Similar measures have been proposed in other states. “Planned Parenthood and its minions are determined to introduce bills in state legislatures that would force Catholic healthcare providers to take actions contrary to Catholic teaching,” said Brown. “This attack on the freedom of religion is unconscionable. Would Planned Parenthood also endorse efforts to force synagogues and mosques to serve pork?”

Plan B, a so-called emergency contraceptive, can act after fertilization to prevent a newly-formed human embryonic person from implanting in the mother’s womb. “Pro-abortion wordsmiths insist this is not abortion,” said Brown. “However, the Plan B regimen mode of action can result in the taking of a human being’s life prior to implantation. That is abortion. The Catholic Church forbids the use of any form of artificial contraception, and thus a Catholic institution facing a government mandate regarding the use of this deadly chemical must refuse to comply with such a law. Even if it means that such hospitals must shut down due to lack of funding, no state should be able to force Catholic institutions to violate Church teaching.”

American Life League is leading the charge to protect Catholic institutions from outrageous laws and judicial decisions. The ad, headlined “When it comes to defending the faith, there is no ‘Plan B,’” can be viewed online.

Release issued: 13 Nov 07