What are men saying?

Abortion advocates demand that people who can’t have an abortion can’t have an opinion on abortion. And yet it’s soliciting support with a #MenForChoice hashtag campaign from—guess who—people who can’t have abortions. It’s the movement of infinite inconsistencies.

On Wednesday, the radical pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America asked those Twitter followers who are anatomically unequipped for an abortion to express support for the people who are.

So who are these “cool” men?

Men can only have an opinion on abortion as long as it’s FOR abortion. And if it gets any more confusing, some of these men are also “pro-life.”

Basic rights typically mean free speech, property, and religious freedom. At some point killing a preborn child slipped in there.

Question for #MenforChoice. When does the human body begin?

And who exactly are preborn persons?


Interesting, though, who shows up at NARAL’s #MenForChoice party.

We think we see a few men in there.


Poor NARAL. With so few #MenforChoice it appears as if it had to resort to constructing their own:


Where do women who oppose NARAL’s radical agenda stand?