Wear It … For Life!

The fifth annual National Pro-life T-shirt day is upon us, and with the passing of each year, American Life league's project has taken on more visibility until this year we find that groups across our land are creating their own t-shirts, planning their own school events and doing all they can to spread the pro-life message.

This year's T-shirt day kicked off with a press conference on Monday in Nashville during the Gospel Music Association's 2007 Music Week. With the support of the GMA, American Life League representatives will be joined by such Christian music entertainers as SONICFLOOd, Willet, RedCloud, Among the Thirsty, IIla, and MotionPlus. The bands are eager to support the event and underline the importance of spreading the pro-life message. 

Erik Whittington, national director of ALL's Rock for Life, said, "There is no doubt that we are currently living in dark times. From the senseless murders at Virginia Tech to the fact that thousands of children are lost every single day to abortion in this country, the Culture of Death is certainly permeating our society. However, we do have reason to hope and that reason is our youth. Today's young people are increasingly more pro-life and they will be the ones who bring the attacks against human life to an end."

Here's hoping you are going to be part of National Pro-life T-shirt Day!