Voting With Trust In God

On the eve of the election, let me share this with you:

When You Vote Be Not Afraid!
by Professor Charles E. Rice

Our culture regards the intentional infliction of death as a legitimate problem-solving technique. No government ever has the moral right to permit the intentional killing of the innocent. Abortion is the defining issue. In any civilized society, the question should be whether the intentional killing of the innocent should be permitted. For more than three decades, the compromising leaders of the pro-life establishment have framed the issue instead in terms of which innocents may be legally killed.

They have done this by themselves proposing "exceptions" to allow such killing and by bestowing "pro-life" endorsement on candidates whose pro-life position is limited to the acceptance of merely marginal restrictions on abortion. The campaign to restrict partial-birth abortion has raised public consciousness of the reality of abortion. But that campaign certifies the failure of the compromising pro-life effort which is now reduced to framing the issue not in terms of whether and not even in terms of which, but in terms of how the innocent may be legally be murdered.

The leaders of the pro-life establishment have allowed the Republican pragmatists to count on pro-life support merely by creating a marginal difference between themselves and the relentlessly pro-abortion Democrats.

The result is pro-life surrender on the installment plan.

Political activity is important. but the defeat of the "culture of death," which is diabolic, will not be brought about through politics. What is needed is the conversion of the American people to an uncompromising respect for life as a gift of God. "Pro-life" compromise works against that conversion because it sends the message that innocent life is negotiable.

Instead we should rely on the truth and prayer. When we pull the curtain behind us in that voting booth, we ought simply to vote for Life and trust in God.