Virginity Is Something To Be Proud Of!

A couple of days ago I wrote about the comments Victoria Secret model Gisele made in reference to Catholic teaching on purity and virginity.

So you can imagine my surprise when, as I read the headlines today, I came across a response to her from the most remarkable soccer play in Europe today, Ricardo Izecson Santos Leite, who is known simply as "Kaka" by his Italian soccer (football) fans.

Not only does he wear t-shirts on the playing field which say "I belong to Jesus," but this handsome young man, who is also Brazilian, told the press that when he married, both he and his wife were virgins.

Leite told the Italian Vanity Fair, "The Bible teaches that true love waits until marriage."

This young man certain does not shy away from controversy and his testimony to his faith should inspire each of us to do likewise, in season and out.

Even though the Sunday Independent questioned what religion has to do with sports, it goes without saying that heroic figures like Leite are going to give testimony to Christ whether anyone likes it or not.

If I lived in Milan, Italy I would be very proud of this Brazilian who is playing for my country and most importantly for Christ.