Vaccines, HPV And Scare Tactics

A 21-year-old Planned Parenthood intern, Karlene Hafemann, of Buffalo, New York, told an interviewer, when speaking about the Gardasil vaccine, "If people don't want to see their children die, their mothers die, there shouldn't be an option. They should be talking to their doctors and getting the shots."

Hafemann did not tell the reporter that the HPV vaccine only protects against four of a potential 100 strains of human papilloma virus. She did not credit her own experience, the early removal of abnormal cells, to a good doctor, but rather used her experience to create fear while perpetuating even more ignorance about the vaccine.  

The news report details how the abnormal cells on her cervix were removed before they chould develop into cancer, and the virus has been cleared from her system. And, mind you, Hafemann did not receive the vaccine; she simply had a good doctor.

Planned Parenthood, of course, has a financial interest in training (brainwashing) people like Hafemann to toe the party line and neglect all the details that make the vaccine a very bad idea.

What details, you ask? Read my column, Gardasil is not a cancer vaccine and not necessary.