Vaccine To Use Human Embryos?

A newsreport out of the Czech Republic should set off warning bells throughout the pro-life community. 

Professor John Eaton of the University of Louisville told an audience of fellow scientists that he has discovered that vaccinating mice with embryonic stem cells prevented lung cancer in those animals that had had cancer cells transplanted into them after the vaccination.

While in the early stages of research, the reality is that such research will continue and escalate. Our worst nightmares are coming true. How would you feel about a mandatory vaccine for all newborns when you knew that the vaccine contained human embryonic stem cells?

Let's not wait until that scenario becomes reality. Please act now because there is something you can do about this.

Become part of the campaign to alert the Food and Drug Administration about our concerns regarding tainted vaccines. The FDA is inviting comments and the reason why each of us should comment is more important today than it was a week ago.  If you have not let your voice be heard, please visit today.