Unselfish devotion to killing

I was shocked to read that the most recent efforts of the European euthanasia forces are wrapped in the name "Dignitas." Dignitas is the name of a Swiss group of suicide-helpers – people who will willingly help anyone who wishes to do so kill themselves.

It is reported that the group has facilitated the killing of 453 people. Further, Dignitas is about to open a new office in England because there is a "growing demand" for their "services."

One article published in 2003 sets the tone for this grisly group of deadly do-gooders. It reads:


The Swiss law on suicide states:

"Whoever lures someone into suicide or provides assistance to commit suicide out of a self-interested motivation will, on completion of the suicide, be punished with up to five years' imprisonment".

Dignitas interprets this to mean that anyone who assists suicide altruistically cannot be punished.

Altruism? Dignity? Strange how words are used these days to deceive others into actually believing that murder is a good idea.

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