UCSF Funding Abortionists, PP Loses at Supreme Court, Unions and PP

June 1, 2018 09:00 AM

Campus Reform revealed this week that the University of California San Francisco is funding abortionist positions at 30 colleges across the United States. Fellows receive a $65,000-67,000 annual salary, per UCSF internal guidelines, as well as the ability to earn a fully-funded master’s degree and obtain additional funding for research, travel, and continuing education. “Post-fellowship assistance with job placement and salary support for two years post-fellowship are also standard,” the fellowship’s website notes. It is, of course, outrageous that a publicly funded university would train people to kill babies in the womb across the United States. According to the Campus Reform article, “Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Utah are among the institutions that have agreed to host a fellow thus far.”

This week the US Supreme Court declined to hear a case brought by Planned Parenthood. PP had sued the state of Arkansas over a law that required doctors who do medication abortions to have contracts with local physicians who have hospital admitting privileges to take care of any complications. A lower court stopped the law from going into effect. An appeals court overrode the lower court and said the law was okay. By refusing to hear the case, the Supreme Court let the appeals court ruling stand. As a result, Planned Parenthood is already canceling abortion appointments at its two facilities that only do medication abortions. The decision leaves only one surgical abortion facility operating in Arkansas. PP is threatening more lawsuits, but for now babies are being saved.

America’s labor unions have traditionally supported Planned Parenthood and have collectively given the organization millions of dollars to run political campaigns and other efforts. Planned Parenthood says it is appreciative of this support and touts its connections with the unions. However, Planned Parenthood has always fought hard against its employees’ attempts to unionize. A case in point surfaced last week in an article in The Intercept. According to the article, “Staff for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, in coordination with SEIU Local 105, won the election for their union in December 2017. But shortly after the vote to unionize, Planned Parenthood leadership, instead of recognizing the new unit, turned to the Republican-controlled National Labor Relations Board to challenge the outcome. The Planned Parenthood bosses won the first round, and the appeal will now move to the full five-member labor board.” One wonders how unions can justify giving money to Planned Parenthood while it insists on running non-union shops.

Planned Parenthood Heartland is no more. At one time, Planned Parenthood Heartland, headquartered in Iowa, operated centers in four states: Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. It is the affiliate that came up with the idea of webcam abortions and attempted to spread that concept throughout the Planned Parenthood Federation. But PP Heartland met with fierce opposition led by Jenifer Bowen at Iowa Right to Life. It was forced to scale back its operations, operate just in Iowa and Nebraska, and continually close clinics in Iowa. This past week, it was announced that PP Heartland has been absorbed by PP Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the whole operation will be known as Planned Parenthood North Central States.


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