Two more statistics

The media reports never seem to get it right when it comes to abortion. All the stories I have read addressing the deaths of two more mothers whose lives were snuffed out due to medical abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities miss the point. Doesn't anybody in the business of framing public debate seem to understand that both of these mothers, who are now sadly departed from our midst, are not mere statistics? Each of them was a human being who tragic death seems to have affected nary a one of thse icons of popular opinion. Where is the outrage?

I have not heard one commentator call on President Bush to wage a full scale investigation into the reasons why the Food and Drug Administration blithely approved a chemical manufactured for the sole purpose of killing the innocents. Perhaps Bush should spend more time addressing the war of terror on the preborn and their mothers than he does on the war on terror.

Perhaps the media should take a strong dose of truth serum and start talking about babies and mothers rather than safety and numbers.