Twitter Takeover Planned for The Pill Kills National Day of Action

Washington, DC—On June 6, American Life League and over 50 cosponsors from 21 states and Australia will rally to expose the dangers of hormonal contraception. This marks the eighth annual observance of The Pill Kills National Day of Action. This year's theme is The Pill Kills Truth.

“The pill and other forms of hormonal contraception are widely used as recreational drugs, with deadly consequences,” stated Rita Diller, director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP). “Women need to be told all the facts about these drugs, and the pill pushers have shrouded them in a cloak of mistruth and deception.”

The campaign will take over Twitter on Saturday as part of a widespread awareness effort. “Social media is a great way to get out the truth about the pill,” said Diller. “We will be posting facts about hormonal contraception’s grave risks as well as pointing people to resources that will help them treat their medical conditions rather than simply mask the symptoms.”

Follow the Twitter campaign using #thepillkills, and for more information, visit

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