TV commercial raises the bar for the depths of depravity

"Planned Parenthood's latest sexually saturated commercial, a demeaning ad targeted at young people, defies any and all sense of decency," said Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International. "The organization's shameless promotion of its attempts to influence teenagers with a morally
reprehensible TV spot is just another reason why all taxpayer funding of the group should be yanked immediately."

A Planned Parenthood affiliate web site states the ad is scheduled to air this week on MTV. The spot depicts a young woman working with power tools who later hops into bed with a man, selects items from a Planned Parenthood "safe sex" tool case and exclaims, "Nice tool!"

"The ad is beyond disgusting," said Sedlak. "The entire scenario is wrought with sexual innuendo regarding the connection between power tools and sexual performance. It completely objectifies the sexual act. Perhaps most offensive is the clear inference that the young lady's father approves of her sexual escapades."

According to its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood took in more than $265 million in federal, state and local tax funding in the last fiscal year, amounting to approximately one-third of the organization's income. "The ridiculous part of all this is the fact that we are paying for this filth," said Sedlak.

Sedlak is calling on all government officials to stop taxpayer money from going to this organization at once. "We urge all lawmakers to view this Planned Parenthood commercial to see what the organization is really all about," said Sedlak. "Surely they will begin to understand that this group relentlessly offends parents, scandalizes young people and kills preborn children all on our dime."

Planned Parenthood's recent ad can be viewed online.

American Life League is urging citizens to demand that their legislators cut the $265 million in annual government funding going to Planned Parenthood at the federal, state, and local levels. A petition
campaign is under way at

Release issued: 19 Apr 06