Turning The Tide

It is with the most energized form of enethusiasm that I report to you the good news, or to put it in the most glowing terms, the best news I have heard today!

According to a new study, female voters are embracing the pro-life position in surprising numbers. The study, conducted by the Overbrook Institute in Illinois, examined public opinion in the state of Missouri.

Right away one could respond to my exuberance by saying, "Missouri is not representative of the entire nation. It's middle America, Judie."

But I would respond by telling you that young men and women across this nation are having the very same experience. When they confront what abortion does to a child, they experience a change in attitude and begin to view abortion as unacceptable. We know this from the thousands who attend Christian festivals at which our Rock for Life leaders are consistently present. The testimony is the same, whether one is in Pennsylvania, Missouri or even on the left coast in Washington.

30,000 people participated in the Overbook study, which lasted more than 15 years. There is no doubt that their substantive effort reflects a change of heart among the young, not only in the midwest but across the nation as a whole.

In fact Christopher Blunt of Overbrook told the media, "The most surprising and compelling findings we have are on young people," he said. "They've grown up with high-quality ultrasound images of unborn babies, and their passage into adulthood coincides with the ascendance of partial-birth abortion as the issue's dominant frame."

So my response is to beg you … order a copy of our DVD, "Baby Steps," a comprehesive presentation of 4D ultrasound pictures of preborn babies from as young as 8 weeks old to moments before birth and share it with your family and friends. The truth is there for all to see, thanks be to God, and it's working. This study proves it.