Truthfullly Some Simply Lie!

Headlines yesterday were enough to send me into a state of total disbelief.  It seems that there are far too many people involved in the pro-life effort who cannot see why the only goal worthy of our effort is personhood … for every single preborn child without exception.  Politics and polls appear to be the only moral guidelines they recognize.

In South Dakota, for example, where some pro-lifers want to bring back another legislative initiative, this time with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother, there is disagreement about what voters think.

The pro-aborts claim 52% of South Dakotans are against having another statewide vote on abortion.

The pro-lifers claim that 55% of residents actually oppose abortion while another 30% believe it should be legal in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother.  In other words, the residents do not understand that abortion is an act that results in the death of a human being.

Many pro-lifers themselves cannot spell MURDER and do not realize that every preborn child is equally important.  They are squandering not only their own credibility but the truth.

In Washington, DC, the National Right to Life Committee political action committee has endorsed a pro-abortion presidential candidate, Fred Thompson!  Even the Washington Times is in a state of disbelief, opining, "Recently, Mr. Thomson refused to support a constitutional amendment that would protect innocent life by restricting the availability of abortions."  Note the use of the word "restricting" which is a dead give away in the first place.

Thompson does not believe that abortion is an act of killing.

The Times opines, "… we think it is interesting that the nation's premier pro-life organization would back a candidate with such a checkered past."

Well, blow me down!  Perhaps the Washington Times does not understand that the "premier" organization is as waffly on abortion as Thompson … they are made for each other.

In the final analysis, it is certainly accurate to say that as long as the act of abortion is presented to the public as an "issue" which can be debated, permitted, regulated or controlled, the citizenry will continue to view the murder of the innocent as merely a Republican versus Democratic thing.  As I have said for more years than I care to count, there is no excuse for such ambiguity and when the source is within our own movement, there is no doubt that victory will evade us.

Sadly, the babies will continue to die as the deceivers continue to raise money and explain away why they simply cannot stand on principle.  What a shame!