Truth, no matter what

By Rob Gasper

The Pill Kills National Day of Action is almost upon us. American Life League and nearly 60 cosponsoring organizations are readying the final preparations for what looks to be the most informative and far-reaching revelations of the dangers of hormonal contraceptives on record.

That a broad-based pro-life coalition has rallied around this year’s The Pill Kills event is a significant milestone. The danger that hormonal contraception poses is universal. This is not just a Catholic issue, and the pro-life world is starting to wake up to this fact. Study after study and case after case are proving the point—the pill kills. It kills women; it kills babies by rendering implantation inhospitable; it kills marriage; and it even kills the environment.

Now, though the pro-life movement is slowly awakening to the dangers of hormonal contraception, we still have a long way to go in educating the culture at large. Considering that even a majority of Catholic women use contraception, this message is not one that will make you many friends or get you invited to fancy parties. Hormonal contraception is the armor of the hook-up culture. It is the weapon of a materialistic society, the cash cow of the culture of death.

Even so, the fact remains: Hormonal contraception kills. Yet, despite the unpopularity of this fact, the truth must be told. We all have a part to play in telling it, for lives hang in the balance. 

Join American Life League and our cosponsors in exposing the dangers of hormonal contraception. Visit to learn more, and participate in #thepillkills twitterstorm on June 5. 

Rob Gasper is a senior research analyst for American Life League and is the editor of ALL News.