Truth Never Disappoints

I share the following not out of any self-absorbed idea of importance, but because it shows the power of God in this, our pro-life effor to serve the Lord. One phone call could one day change the world; here is what I mean:

Dear American Life League co-workers:

I just finished speaking with a fellow on the phone who asked, "So…what does 'pro-life' mean exactly." The question and the tone of his voice set me on my toes for a tough discussion, but after I gave our 100% no-exceptions answer. He thanked me.

Appearantly he had recently spoken to Michigan Right to Life and asked them the same question. Their answer involved an "except…" which upset him greatly.

He and I spoke for a bit longer about how contradictory such stances are and by the end of our conversation he told me, "Well thank you for all of this and all that you do. You are doing great work there and I'll tell you what. I'm going to pull all my money from Right to Life and give it all to American Life League from now on."

I thought you would be happy to hear about the fruits of standing up for the fullness of truth.


Joey is not only a member of our staff but a very sincere and loving pro-lifer. Thank you, Joey!

Judie Brown