Truth gets a hearing

The Wisconsin Assembly has OK'd a bill that would prohibit any college campus receiving taxpayer dollars to advertise, prescrible or dispense the abortion-causing morning after pills. As if that isn't enough good news, in Nevada the legislature deleted a provision that would have forced pharmacists to fill birth control prescriptions.

The fact is that finally after years of debate, denial and denunciation, even members of the media are taking an honest look at the birth control pill, how it works and why it is truly and simply another method of abortion.

While it is clear that the lifestyle of every Wisconsin university student may not change simply because of the courage of the state legislature, there is no way a state university should be condoning or in any other way promoting the means by which babies die before they ever have a chance to implant in their mother's womb.

While it is equally evident that not every pharmacist is going to hang up a sign that announces to the world that no prescription for death will be filled on his or her watch, the reality is that no lawmaking body should ever impose a requirement on members of the medical profession to deny their conscience and provide deadly chemicals.

Three cheers for Wisconsin and Nevada lawmakers! Now where are the rest of them?