Petition to President Trump, Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell

Whereas tens of millions of pro-life Americans helped you win your elections; and,

Whereas we did so because of the promises Mr. Trump made to pro-life leaders in

September 2016; and,

Whereas one of those promises was to defund Planned Parenthood; and,

Whereas Planned Parenthood is guilty of horrific crimes against humanity and the nation’s #1 provider of abortions; and,

Whereas it is unconscionable to provide this brutal immoral organization a single penny of taxpayer dollars, let alone the $344 million a year Congress gives it.

Therefore we, the undersigned, therefore petition you to DEFUND PLANNED

PARENTHOOD and get the federal government out of the business of killing defenseless babies.  In urging you to take this action know that, if you follow through on your promise, American Life League will back you 100% and expend whatever expense needed to rally pro-life Americans to give you the support you need – including our prayers – to make good on your campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood.