Trick or Treat?

IMG_0837The tradition of trick or treating on Halloween dates as far back as the early 1500s. It’s time for the ghosts, the goblins, the candy, and the belly aches—all the things that make a family celebration of Halloween special. In some homes, the costumes will take on a different flavor as kids dress up to look like their favorite saints. But no matter what the costume might be, the fun comes in the participation of Halloween festivities. This special night is supposed to be festive for families—an opportunity for moms and dads to do something enjoyable with their kids. 

But sadly, in many ways, Halloween is not the same as in bygone days.

Today the plan of going from house to house with paper or plastic bags and collecting sweet treats has, in many neighborhoods, been replaced by single-location parties. Parents fear for what their children may ingest and have to think about the possibility of poison, razor blades, or worse in the goodies placed in the plastic pumpkin by a neighbor nobody really knows. 

This is but another sign that the culture of death has been revealed in all its ugliness and evil intent. You see, disdain for the human being goes much deeper and spreads far wider than the abortion holocaust we commemorate with horror every January 22. Many of us don’t see the specter of imposed death as being confined to a simple debate about ending surgical abortion and how that might be accomplished.

In fact, we never stop reminding our fellow Americans that the culture itself is steeped with all manner of dislike and disregard for the dignity of the human person. This is why we fear that if a child of ours goes trick-or-treating, the result could be anything but fun.

This is why many parents work overtime to make sure their children are not exposed to the violence of video games or the scary reports streaming into our living rooms during what is loosely defined as the news hour. 

So this brings us to a logical question as we consider how far beyond Halloween the monsters and purveyors of mayhem really go. And the answer is scarier than the Wicked Witch of the West.

To be properly startled, look no further than Planned Parenthood’s array of sex instruction for children, including preschoolers. We must understand that “this kind of sex indoctrination leads directly to the abortion mill for young people who are bombarded with this message from their earliest years.”

And from there, many of the same young people can go on in life to become the very ones who will one day decide to put granny out of her misery or take their own lives because they believe in the right to control one’s life at any cost. The right to die or the right to kill an inconvenient other by violent acts of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia—including assisted suicide—have become so commonplace that all they evoke among the population at large is a yawn.

Now that reality is ghoulish. It is frightening; it is no “treat”; and it is definitely more terrifying than a simple “trick.”