Tragedy Compounded

Many of us have wondered how a doctor can repeatedly act to kill a patient when the patient is suffering and requesting a quick death. It is called "physician assisted suicide," and the outcome appears not only to result in the death of the patient but also in psychological consequences for the doctors who do it.

According to a recent article, Study Finds Docs Who Assist Suicides Suffer 'Substantial' Psychological Effects, doctors are profoundly and adversely affected, not realizing, for example, that their patients will die so suddenly. In fact, one of the leaders of the pro-euthanasia movement in Holland says, "You will never get accustomed to killing somebody. We are not trained to kill. With euthanasia, your nightmare comes true."

In view of these recent findings, one can only hope that the drive to take the lives of the vulnerable and the disabled will be totally replaced by a campaign of true, unconditional love based on respect for human dignity, which is after all, ever present in the living.