Trafficking in Fetal Tissue

I was not aware that for several years now, thanks to the research of Stanford's J. Michael McCune, a genetically engineered mouse with no immune system has been used to study a variety of diseases and possible treatment for such conditions as HIV, diabetes and Alzheimer's.

It was a shock to discover that American scientists are using tissue from aborted babies in these genetically engineered mice, and that our tax dollars are paying for this research! Oh yes, and this is being done under the watchful eye of our allegedly pro-life president, George Bush.

The reporter from CNS News says that, "It is not clear how much fetal tissue is used or how it is supplied."

A couple of things come to mind when reading about the tons of research that is being done using these hu-mice. 

Why are researchers working on this project if they know that the rodent model would never have existed if not for the use of tissue from babies murdered by abortion? Well, the answer to that one is pragmatism … after all, the baby was going to die anyway. I am presuming that is what these men and women in the white lab coats would tell us.

Further, because we all know from the excellent investigative work of Mark Crutcher and Suzanne Rini that the cells that are used from the aborted children have to be alive to be useful, how precisely are the tissue cells being transported to the places where they will be used and what is the situation surrounding the killing? How can a fresh, living cell come from a cadaver?

Ethicist Arthur Caplan, who is one of the leading pragmatists of our time, did say this: "When you get material from an abortion clinic, you really don't know how old that fetus was, you really don't know what you've got … you don't know if the fetus was healthy or was aborted because of some disease. You don't actually have the best tool for science."

There you have it, my friends. Let's dehumanize the child whose body is being harvested by describing him or her as material or a tool for scientific experimentation. Let's not admit to the real problem and say that abortion is an immoral, unethical act and nothing good can ever come from it, period!

Oh yes, and in case you were not aware of it, there is no law that prohibits this type of research. Strange, isn't it?

Why hasn't such a law been proposed, or better yet, demanded by the president? Why indeed!

This is but another argument for a push toward personhood. If every innocent human being, from his first instant as a single cell to his death, were protected equally under the law and provided the same right and privileges as you and I, abortion would end, Frankenstein's modern day research would end and all manner of grotesque, rhetorical blather would end as well.

While such news is shocking to some, it should be inspiration to all of us to press harder than ever before for an end to any act that takes the life of an innocent human being.