Tiller May Be Finished

August 3, 2007 09:00 AM

I was elated to read that abortionist George Tiller may finally be found guilty of the crimes he has been committing for so many years. While his attorneys are telling the public that the current set of 19 charges brought against him represent a mere difference of opinion, it is my gut feeling that quite the opposite is the case.

I cannot say I trust Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison, but I can say that he has brought to the forefront the question of whether or not abortionist Tiller was acting ethically. Of course, not a single act of abortion murder is ethical, but could it me that Morrison is going to help America see the tragedy of abortion by exposing the unethical conduct of Tiller ... finally? Who knows!

A totally pro-life spin on the latest story about Tiller is that, according to Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, Tiller has been charged with 19 criminal counts of committing illegal abortion without obtaining a second doctor's opinion in the cases. Newman's report varies from the major Kansas media reporting, but that is not surprising.

Tiller calls this a misunderstanding, but as Newman points out, the relationship Tiller had with the second doctor who signed off on these abortions is really not on the up and up. Of course only time will tell.

But what is really important about this latest apparent pro-life victory is that it came about with prayer and fasting, and while the outcome is still to be learned, more prayer and fasting is needed. Not only should we pray that justice is served on behalf of all the preborn so brutally killed, but so that the souls of all those involved with Tiller and his merciless abortions are brought to Christ through repentance.

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