Three reasons to pray harder and work with more vigor

Here we go! I am going to list three bad news items, all reported on the same day, and all equally representative of the culture of death. I bring these to your attention not to demoralize you but to let you know that our mission is now more urgent than it was yesterday:

  • Battle Creek, Michigan United Way is funding a program to help uninsured teels (12-19 years of age) pay for prescription contraceptives.
  • North Carolina doctors are asserting opposition to participating in the executions of condemned criminals. This same medical board will not object to the removal of feeding tubes from patients who are ill but not dying.   


    As one pro-lifer opined upon reading this report, "Is a doctor's duty to preserve life conditioned on whether or not it's an execution by lethal injection or a denial of food and fluids? If the latter, perhaps it would be okay to dehydrate those condemned to death by a judge and jury."

  • Massachusetts state senators have voted in support of a bill that would establish a 35-foot no-protest zone around clinics where abortions are performed.


    One supporter of this outrageous bill told the Boston Globe, "The Grim Reaper has been there for almost 25 years reminding women every single time that they go into a clinic how serious this issue is, which they already know."

    To which I would say, it's better to face the Grim Reaper now rather than when there is no turning back.

Pro-lifers must be vigilant, diligent and dedicated in prayer and effort like never before.