There Goes my Heart …

While a lovely name for a song, the phrase "There goes my heart" has taken on new meaning in light of a recent study that suggests the use of the birth control pill is potentially more dangerous to the heart then originally thought.

USA Today reports on a study of 1301 women ages 33 to 55. It appears that the likelihood of finding plaques in jey arteries increases by 20% to 30% for every ten years of pill use. The study further reports that 81% of women in the study took the pill on average for 13 years and that even those women who no longer use the pill could be at risk.

Of course the media is spinning this story by suggesting that the number of women in the study was too small to make a serious decision about whether or not to warn women of this new danger, but the fact is, medical studies linking the pill to heart disease have been around for years.

After more than 40 years of deceiving women into believe that the pill does not kill the preborn and will not kill them, perhaps the medical profession will begin to assess the dangerous game it is playing with women's lives. Of course, if the dollars keep rolling in, that may convince many health care providers to keep on lying regardless of the body count.