The world is gray: A comfort zone

The column "You can't be Catholic and pro…" by Zac Wassink provided me with an insight into the thought process possessed by an individual of this moment in history in which we live. It suggests to me that the average person wants to live his life as free of commitment as possible; he is someone who refuses to take unpopular positions and rejects the idea that there is anything wrong with that choice.

While that may be the acceptable posture to take, it certainly is not the courageous stand desired by a God who sent His only begotten Son to this earth to suffer and die for our sins because He loves us. This Son, Christ the Lord, stood for all that is good about the human person who loves God. Christ was not a politician; He was not interested in placating the masses; He desired only to love His Father and to teach us how to follow Him to His Father.

My point is simply this: To be a Catholic is to acknowledge the validity of the Ten Commandments without making an effort to waltz our way around them by using words that suggest there are two different ways to look at a sin which is offensive to God. There is no difference between being pro-abortion and being pro-choice; only a difference in the sound. In both instances, the result is the same: a person who has chosen to deny the sacredness of human life in deference to the laws of the day. This is a person who doesn't mind the fact that a child is murdered during an abortion, but who would never have that act performed on his own child–at least not for now.

I am personally sick and tired of people who attempt to water down the Catholic Church teaching on such matters. I am disgusted with public statements that suggest nobody who is Catholic actually has to be committed to Church teaching without compromise and without apology. In fact, I am sorrowed beyond words when I think of such people.

They are convincing themselves of a posture which has little to do with the eternal haqppiness that was purchased for you and for me by the suffering and death of God's Son. How tragic that there are those who cannot stand up for truth in the light of the love Christ has for each of us. Let us pray for such misguided souls.