The Warped Pro-Abortion Mind

I read an awful lot of material on the Internet and elsewhere, and sometimes I could just scream. The opinions I read from those who favor abortion just seem to be so, well, Godless.

Here's an example for you. The Seattle Post Intelligencer web site provided readers with the following comment as part of an unsigned, thus unclaimed opinion: "For those women who have had an abortion and might regret it, a Christian group has come up with a name for that regret: post-abortion syndrome."

The writer then claims that because the group to which he refers, Project Rachel, is supported by the Roman Catholic Church, something must be wrong somewhere.  He writes, "Religious groups … fund the program, for crying out loud — how open minded could it possibly be?"

The writer betrays two of his problems in these comments. First of all, he has no respect for anything that is at all related to God or religious beliefs. Second, he assuages his own feelings in support of abortion by ignoring the clinical record regarding post-abortion syndrome in favor of religion-bashing.

Finally, there is a slight note of arrogance in the writer's  comment that Project Rachel "doesn't get into the very real hell that unfolds when a woman who isn't ready and able to raise a child has one."

My, oh my. Rather than accepting the fact that some mothers truly need the help of others in order to deal with difficulties not only during but after pregnancy, the writer pefers the idea of killing the baby even though the mom could have chosen abstinence in the beginning and thus never faced the problem at all. 

The kind of hell that support for abortion might cause eternally isn't even on his mind.

Now tell me; exactly who is narrow-minded here?