The time to pull RU-486 from the market is now

"How much longer must we tolerate such insanity?" asked American Life League president Judie Brown. "Two more deaths of women who used RU-486 signal massive problems with abortion pill. The federal government must act immediately to stop this madness."

Mrs. Brown said the recently reported deaths at Planned Parenthood facilities in California raise continuing questions that the federal Food and Drug Administration, Congress and the president all refuse to address. "As the FDA orders study after study but takes no action, as Congress sits on its hands and withdraws from recognizing the danger that is inherent in any chemical designed specifically to kill human beings, and as President Bush slumbers on, we call upon the American public to act where others are apparently too apathetic to do so."

The Food and Drug Administration can suspend distribution of any pharmaceutical item if safety questions arise. "Yet the powerful abortion lobby rules the day when it comes to RU-486," said Mrs. Brown. "It doesn't matter to the abortion industry that mothers have died from using this drug; the 'procedure' was successful because the drug killed the baby. The mother's wellbeing is apparently of no concern. Well, that's simply intolerable. The FDA must simply stop distribution ? immediately. This is non-negotiable."

Planned Parenthood, which advertises the abortion pill as "safe" and "private," has agreed to stop using unapproved measures in the delivery of RU-486, but refuses to stop dispensing the drug. "It is obvious that Planned Parenthood and other organizations distributing this drug will not voluntarily suspend its use," Mrs. Brown said. "The FDA has this authority, however, and so we urge this federal agency, which is charged with protecting the health of the American public, to put aside any political considerations and simply do its job."

Release issued: 20 Mar 06