The Team From Hell

I recently read an excellent column by Charlotte Allen on the forays of certain presidential candidates with their favorite, charity, Planned Parenthood.

I need not make note of who they were for that is really irrelevant to what made me sick to my stomach. Planned Parenthood, an organization that deals in millions of our tax dollars in addition to all sorts of other income, has grown more and more sleazy by the minute. Each time Jim Sedlak of American Life League's Stop Planned Parenthood International or a member of his staff uncovers another fact, it blows us away. 

We cannot figure out how it is that they stay in business, let alone continue to have the credibility they clearly do among the nation's elitists. Their activities are anything but noteworthy; in fact many of them would be chargeable criminal offenses if done by an entity that did not near the name Planned Parenthood.

The most recent example was noted in Allen's article, and I did a little reading in the Boston Globe to confirm the facts.

This past August, Adam Gault, a 41-year-old accused sexual predator, was charged in the disappearance of a teenage runaway who was found locked in a hidden room in his house. DNA from the body of the girl's aborted baby revealed to police the identity of the father, and that is how the man and the 15-year-old girl were located.

The young girl had her abortion at Planned Parenthood.  And it was Gault's attorney who said in a media interview, "I thought that when a woman had a termination of pregnancy, that that was the end of it, so to speak. But, apparently, they [the police] have the fetus."

In case you are not yet sick to the very depths of your being, allow me to add something else. This man had two other women living with him and actually moved the young teenager from state to state during the time he had her with him.

Not only was Planned Parenthood apparently a willing accomplice in all this but it did nothing to report the matter to the police. It was good investigative work by the police that uncovered this despicable event.

Further it is hard for me to believe that Planned Parenthood would not ask the 15-year-old girl how she became pregnant and at least do something to protect her, find her parents or in some way provide for her safety.

This is but one example of the reasons why I have to say, in all honesty and with every bit of self-control I can muster, that any politician who finds it beneficial to rub elbows with the Planned Parenthood crowd is not only part of the evil being spread but an inherent reason why it continues to exist.