The Most Ridiculous Item

Well, not that I want to follow what Bill O'Reilly does, but the storyof the Briton in her 60s pregant after IVF from 'clone' medic not only raises a lot of ethical questions but does seem patently ridiculous.

Perhaps the most interesting among all of the ehtical dilemmas in this case is why the mother of two children, conceived the old fashioned way, would want to pursue in vitro fertilization with a doctor who is most well known for grabbing headlines. In 2004, Dr. Antinori' claimed  that he knew of three cloned babies but he refused to give the name or location of a single one. Dr. Antinori is also the doctor who helped a 63 year old woman become pregnant in 1994.

So what is it with this doctor? It would seem that if he were truly dedicated to his patients, rather than his notoriety, he would have persuaded the latest expectant mother, child psychiatrist Patricia Rashbrook, that having a baby at age 60 is unfair to everyone involved, particularly the baby. 

Rashbrook's second husgand, John Farrant, says that expecting a baby at their age is "daunting." I'd say that a fairly mild description of what lies ahead.