The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Thursday was a day full to the brim with everything you ever wanted to know about Catholics, courage and cowardice. I should begin by explaining to you that as someone who has the utmost respect for our current Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, I praise God that certain pro-abortion Catholic politicians did not use Thursday’s Mass as a way tool to confront the Holy Father face to face. That having been said, however, I am shocked beyond belief at the behavior of Senators John Kerry and Chris Dodd and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Rather than approach the Holy Father to received the body and blood of Christ and take a chance that they would be denied, these scalawags chose to literally sneak around so that they could accomplish their plan. It seems that elected officials like Kerry, Dodd and Pelosi could care less about the scandal they cause or the sacrilege they perpetrate by receiving the body and blood of Christ without first publicly repenting of their support for the killing of innocent preborn children.

I call that cowardice and I also call it despicable.

On another note we heard that Bill Maher is allegedly going to offer some sort of apology during his HBO show this evening. We have not seen the show but can assure you that the pressure is on to get the man fired. An apology simply does not suffice when we are talking about the sort of viciousness Maher has spoken against the Pope and, in times past against Christianity in general. Enough is enough!

Oh yes, and then there’s the ugly – the really ugly. The story goes like this: Senator Sam Brownback – a convert to Catholicism – blackberried his staff from the pope's Mass at Nationals Park to direct them to drop the references to human life from the resolution Congress was considering that was designed to welcome the pope to our country.

I simply cannot find it in my heart to attempt understand such wimpishness. Sure, Senator Barbara Boxer was defiant in her demand that either the resolution be changed or it would not pass, but my oh my! Whatever happened to standing on principle and choosing the go down fighting instead of e-mailing from the holy sacrifice of the Mass?

What a day Thursday was and boy was I grateful to God to be in Poway, California speaking to 400 people about nurturing motherhood rather than remaining in the thick of things and having to witness firsthand the good, the bad or the very ugly.