The Deadly Politics Of Breast Cancer

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is encouraging a special project for BCAM. The group encourages women to send anti-cancer groups the links to two YouTube videos that expose the cover-up of two breast cancer risks—abortion and hormonal contraceptives (those containing estrogen and progestin). The videos reveal the cruel impact that the cover-up has had on women.  

The first video features Charnette Messe, who talks about her own suffering because of the lies she was told about the connection between abortion and breast cancer. As someone who has met Charnette and heard her testimony, I can attest to the fact that those who are promoting BCAM are doing an immense disservice to women of all ages by their persistent denial that such connections actually exist.

The second video discusses a national study on the link between abortion and breast cancer. This study was conducted by Dr. Jessica Dolle of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The evidence exposing the connection is irrefutable.

But video commentator Karly Houldsworth points out that those national organizations professionally involved in “finding a cure” for breast cancer—including the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Cancer Institute—have never issued warnings to women instructing them on the dangers of obtaining an abortion and subsequently suffering from breast cancer, nor have these groups mentioned the connection between the pill and breast cancer. As a matter of fact, they have spent donor dollars denying these facts.

This is why attorney Andrew Schlafly wrote about the successful lawsuits brought against doctors who failed to provide all the facts to patients. Every woman victimized by the lies perpetrated by the abortion and birth control cartels in America should be suing—that is, if she survived.

In June of this year, a team of scientists published an article in the journal Cancer Epidemiology in which they documented a link between abortion and breast cancer, reporting that abortion “triples breast cancer risk.” When the study was published, Professor Jack Scarisbrick, chairman of the British pro-life pregnancy agency, LIFE, asked when the medical establishment would pull its head out of the sand. He pointed out that the abortion lobby has been downplaying this evidence and denying the link for years!

Most recently Slate published an article on a study linking the pill to a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. The lead researcher, Lynn Rosenberg, established the fact that African American women who use the pill have an increased risk of contracting the disease.

When Rosenberg testified in a Florida courtroom regarding the findings, Dr. Joel Brind, world renowned expert on the abortion and birth control pill/breast cancer connections wrote, 

The first aspect of the link is actually not disputed by those who deny a connection, but it has been covered up by clever wording, with statements such as: “It’s not the abortion that increases the risk of breast cancer, it’s just that the woman does not get the protective effect of the full term pregnancy that the woman would have gotten had she had a full term pregnancy.” Can you imagine a skydiver’s widow suing the guy who folded the parachute that didn’t open, and the attorney for the parachute-folder trying to tell the court: “He didn’t get killed because the parachute didn’t open; he got killed because he jumped out of the plane!”?

Indeed! It’s time to take a stand—to expose the lies and to spread the word that during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, not to mention every day of the year, clinical researchers and anti-breast cancer charities should take a vow to either provide all the facts or stop raising money under false pretenses.

Women are dying for the full truth.