The Dead Preborn Child Found In The Airplane Bathroom

Today a few headlines noted the discovery of what appeared to be the remains of a preborn baby, found in the bathroom of a Continental Airlines plane.  Not much is known of the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the discovery at this point, but one report indicates that an investigation will ensue to determine whether "the fetus was alive at any point." 

These seven words say a whole lot about how we, the culture of consumerism, perceive any child before birth, in this case one whose remains were found in a most shocking location. First of all it seems to me, without having read the autopsy report, that someone miscarried a child who was at one point alive, as this child had grown to the point that he could be recognized as a preborn baby. In other words, if the mother had miscarried her baby immediately after his life began, that baby’s remains would not be discernable to the naked eye.

In the aforementioned story there is a comment from the FBI that a crime might have been committed, though at this point there is no evidence to indicate that this is the case. But I have to wonder what might that crime be considering our laws regarding preborn children. The direct murder of the preborn by abortion is not a crime in this country. Perhaps there was some other sort of foul play? Perhaps the mother attempted to kill her own child?  Would that be considered a crime under our current laws?

I wish the report had included at least a passing statement about treating the remains of this child respectfully and that something was being done to give this child a proper burial. But that has probably not even been considered since, as we all know, preborn children’s remains are normally treated like trash since the humanity of these children is not recognized in circumstances other than when a mother "wants" her child.

Sad, is it not?  Man's inhumane treatment of his fellow man appears to know no bounds.