The dangers of the pill

By Melissa Pena

As part of the younger generation, I believe we must arm our peers with the knowledge to make better decisions. In addition to this, we must teach them the benefits of choosing abstinence, and we must teach them to value life. To this end, the work being done by American Life League in educating and informing the younger generation about the dangers and complications that can arise with taking the birth control pill is critical.

At its absolute worst, the pill actually kills countless numbers of preborn human beings every year by preventing them from implanting, and the pill can also kill women by causing blood clots. Even when it doesn't kill, the pill can cause life-altering complications for women. These include weight gain, cancer, depression, and even undesired pressure to engage in sexual activity. Many of those experiencing these symptoms have been my own friends and peers who have shared their personal experiences with me.

Tragically, young women are given misleading or inaccurate information by organizations such as Planned Parenthood. These organizations pressure women into taking a step they may feel uncomfortable with, such as ingesting the pill. This pressure reflects the larger cultural issue that must also be addressed, which is the promiscuity that permeates our society today. This culture of sex demands the use of the pill and leads to women believing they can engage in sex without any resulting negative consequences.

Yet negative consequences happen all too often, in spite of and because of the pill. Some of these include contracting an STD and regret at having sex before being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready—all of which can lead to psychological trauma as women are forced to age sexually rather than growing and developing as young women. 

We should be reaching out to the youth throughout high school and just before their first year of college. We need to teach them how to respect themselves and how to stand up to outside influences. We must teach kids that it is cool, and necessary, to act upon their values.  

The important education being done by American Life League and others to address the dangers of the pill is also the responsibility of each and every one of us. We must work together to educate ourselves, our friends, and our family members. Helping those who need it the most may frequently feel daunting, but with God's help we can each make a significant difference in the life of someone who really needs it. 

That’s why, on June 6, 2015, we need you to come out, support, and join American Life League’s The Pill Kills campaign. On this day, we encourage you to stand outside your local Planned Parenthood facility, outside pharmacies, or outside any other contraception distribution point. Make your presence a peaceful and prayerful one. Learn about how the pill kills, then teach others what you know. Lives depend upon it.

Melissa Pena joined American Life League in December 2014 as development coordinator, providing day-to-day donor support services. Pena is a 3rd year criminology and sociology major at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.