Terri’s Brother Is Begging You!

Bobby Schindler has been more than courageous during the entire period since his dear sister Terri's death at the hands of her husband, Michael Schiavo. So I was not really surprised to see him issuing his most recent alert on "Dr. Death," Jack Kevorkian.

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation is alerting us to the well documented fact that since Kevorkian has been released from jail, due to a terminal illness, he is receiving upwards of $50,000 per speech to advance his concept of compassion. As you know, that means directly killing of the ill rather than loving and embracing them with the qualities of Christ.

At any rate, the foundation has put a petition on its web site, asking people to protest the idea that colleges and other institutions will pay Kevorkian thousands of dollars to advance his ideas.

I beg you to learn more and get involved, not only in signing the petition, but in making sure that nobody in your community is dying an untimely deaith due to something less than the true love Christ has called all of us to emulate.